Proper Air Rifle Safety Precautions

Air rifles are becoming much more powerful and cheaper as well which makes them more dangerous than ever. While it should be obvious I often have to remind people that airguns are not a toy. Taking proper safety precautions will ensure that nobody gets hurt and is definitely recommend. Below I am going to list some of the most important safety precautions that you should take when shooting air rifle. Failure to comply could end up with somebody getting hurt and even putting an eye out, so please take the time to read the safety tips as well as watch the video below.

Airgun Safety Tips

  • Never point the end of a barrel towards anyone whether the air gun is loaded or not.
  • Always keep your finger off the trigger when loading your air rifle, especially so with break barrel models.
  • When using a break barrel air rifle make sure to point the end of the barrel towards the ground when reloading and make sure to keep ahold of it.
  • Make sure to properly store you airgun away whenever you’re not using it. If a child gets ahold of it then it could end very badly.
  • When storing away your air rifle always make sure it is unloaded as well and it is even recommended to store your pellets in a separate location to avoid anyone trying to use your airgun while you are away.
  • Never shoot at a metal target that is too close if you are ever shooting a BB because it is much more likely to ricochet than a pellet which will probably flatten on impact.

If you follow these simple safety tips it is practically impossible for anyone to get hurt. If you are letting your child shoot your airgun or even be around you I also recommend for them to wear safety glasses as well. As an adult you can choose not to wear them but for a child I would definitely recommend that they do. Shooting airguns is a ton of fun and as long as you are safe about it will have nothing to worry about.

Top Pool Alarm for Above Ground Pools

Any parent that owns a swimming pool and also has small children is always worried about one of their kids falling in when no one is around. Luckily there is a cool invention called a pool alarm that will emit a loud noise whenever somebody falls in. If you’re in the market for a pool alarm I advise getting the best one possible because you really can’t put a price on your children safety. The best part is getting one is even that expensive than the one that I recommend which is the SmartPool PoolEye above ground pool alarm can be had for under $60. At this price it is foolish not to purchase one if you really value your children’s safety.


Why You Need the SmartPool PoolEye

What makes the SmartPool PoolEye so great is the fact that it is very affordable and easy to install while also working the way that it should. Don’t spend your money on getting one of the other cheaper brands because in the end you still won’t save that much and what you get won’t be as effective.

top pool alarm

This particular pool alarm has a patented underwater wave detector that make sure it works extremely well. Unlike other alarms this one won’t sound off if something like a branch falls in. Anything under 15 pounds won’t signal off the alarm and this way you will never be scared that one of your kids fell in when actually it was just a stick. You can even adjust the sensitivity if you want to make it sound off even easier.

To install the SmartPool PoolEye it only takes around 10 minutes and all that is required is to AA batteries. To install the alarm you simply have to mount it inside the pool around the edge. Before purchasing this alarm know you want to make sure that your above ground pool is the right size. Anything bigger than a 24 feet round or a 16 x 32 feet oval swimming pool will be too big and the alarm won’t work the way it should. This pool alarm is even back to buy a one year warranty so you know for a fact you will get your money’s worth. If you do enjoy this pool alarm to make sure to let other people know what you think of it so more houses will have safer swimming pools.


My Opinion of the Remington Tyrant Air Rifle

Recently a new air rifle wars released by Remington that has completely surprised me in every way imaginable. Finally for a decent price of around $100 you can get an air rifle that is not only extremely powerful and accurate but also looks cool as well. I’ve been using this air rifle for a couple months now and I have to say it has definitely surpassed my expectations.

Before this Remington hasn’t come out with a quality airgun in my honest opinion but now they surely have. All the reviews online agree with me will as well considering the fact they are virtually all five stars. Everyone seems to love this new airgun whether they are using it for hunting or just target practice. If this all sounds good to you then continue reading on the see what I personally thought of the Remington Tyrant air rifle myself.


Remington Tyrant Air Rifle

remington tyrant air rifle

If you want my honest opinion of the Remington Tyrant air rifle it would have to be that it’s one of the best I’ve ever used in that price range. For around the hundred dollars I think it’s only real competitor is the Gamo Silent Cat but which one is better is down to preference. While the Silent Cat has somewhat of an actual silencer the Tyrant only has a pretend one. While it doesn’t actually do anything it does make it look rather cool. While this model isn’t quite as quiet it does make up for it in accuracy and reliability.

With a maximum velocity of 1200 ft per second this bad boy sure is powerful. If you want to shoot at 1200fps will have to use alloy pellets but for 1000fps you can go with lead pellets instead. You can use also the Tyrant for hunting purposes such as rodents and small game with no problem whatsoever. The really cool part is how accurate this thing really is. At a range of about 30 yards I can consistently hit a mini tin can with ease every single time. Other air rifles on the market simply cannot bring this kind of accuracy to the table for this price.

Included in this combo is a:

  • 4 x 32 scope and mount
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger
  • Bull barrel
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • Automatic safety
  • Rubber recoil pad


So if you’re looking for a top-of-the-line air rifle that can be used for hunting purposes as well as plinking and I definitely recommend the Remington Tyrant. If you decide to purchase one I’m sure you will be far from disappointed.